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Aside from gay words, there are things that I don’t like as well that any man should not do before or after having sex with me. i don’t like people who run before ejaculation, I don’t want people who pretend like nothing happened after sex (caress or do some sweet stuff to me please after sex), and I want my partner to make a sound (but don’t scream) while we’re doing it so I’ll know if I’m doing it right, most especially on oral sex.

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Justin here again and this is a personal opinion video about some gay phrases or gay words that I don’t like. Some of you might love these before or after sex gay slang words, but I just want share which of those that i don’t like.

I never liked people who uses gay slang terms like “knot”, like “I’m going to knot” as its overly disgusting for me. Also, I don’t like people who calls my bottom nickname such as “hole”, like “I want to _____ your hole”.

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